Headstone Addresses: Interactive Web-map of Diaspora Chinese and Asian-Canadian History

Headstone Addresses is a project which connects the dots between six generations of settler-colonial communities in Treaty 6 territory since the 1800s. Interact with this web resource to learn about ongoing relationships of migration history, colonization, labour, and geopolitics. Done in the context of grave-sweeping festivals, this educational tool examines lesser known histories of Asian-Canadians and Chinese diaspora in Amiskwaciwâskahikan. 

An interactive, virtual, web-based resource, displayed as a visual map. This is an open-access and on-line educational tool. Research funding for this heritage project was supported by the Edmonton Heritage Council and the City of Edmonton.

Optional registration available if wanting to receive email updates through our website about when an in-person exhibit will occur in Edmonton – planned for 2022.

Donations (as listed on our website) will support the follow-up completion of unfinished data and mapping.

Headstone Addresses
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