Historic Festival and Doors Open Edmonton

JULY 1-7, 2019

For more than 20 years, the Edmonton and District Historical Society has proudly presented the annual Historic Festival & Doors Open Edmonton. During the festival, we partner with community arts and heritage organizations and historic places throughout the Edmonton region for a solid week of fascinating events. Our festival theme for 2019 is “Leisure in Edmonton”.

History is about pursuits: of property, opportunity, rights and freedoms, and many others. The 2019 edition of Historic Festival and Doors Open Edmonton will embrace another sort of pursuit – the pursuit of leisure. 
How have we in the Edmonton district made time and opportunity for leisure over our history? What have been the changing fashions and trends in our recreation and relaxation? What sort of structures and facilities have we built to make leisure possible, and what legacy remains of our leisure pursuits in years gone by?

Festival Guidebooks

Festival guidebooks are available in various public places across the Edmonton region from mid-June. The guide is also available to download from our website at this time.

For more information, email or call 780-439-2797