Historic Festival and Doors Open Edmonton


Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, EDHS successfully hosted our annual Historic Festival and Doors Open. This year’s event consisted of 51 various online video events and a few live events.  Hosting the festival online for a second year allowed us to enhance the online elements for future accessibility and the ability to reach new audiences.  EDHS extends congratulations to all the partners and volunteers who made this happen. Museums, historic sites, businesses and community organizations in the greater Edmonton area came together to host virtual tours and events that allow a glimpse into our past and the impact it’s made on today.  EDHS is also very appreciative to the Government of Alberta under the Community Initiatives Program (CIP), as well as the City of Edmonton, who both assisted in aiding us financially. Without their financial support this festival would not have taken place.  We are very grateful that we could make this event happen in a very safe manner.


EDHS Board

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