Historic Festival and Doors Open Edmonton


July 7-14, 2024

For 28 years, the Edmonton and District Historical Society (EDHS) has proudly presented the annual Historic Festival & Doors Open Edmonton. Community arts and heritage organizations, historic places and corporate partners from around the Edmonton region offer unique tours or events over the course of the week-long festival.

This year’s festival theme is Innovation.

In 1924, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) emerged as a pivotal force in Canada’s military aviation history. Established to strengthen Canada’s aerial defense capabilities and contribute to international peacekeeping efforts, the RCAF embodied the nation’s commitment to advancing air power. Its formation marked a significant milestone in Canada’s military evolution, providing a platform for innovation, training, and collaboration with allied forces. With a focus on aerial reconnaissance, combat readiness, and technological advancement, the RCAF played a crucial role in safeguarding Canadian airspace and supporting global security initiatives. Throughout its existence, the RCAF fostered a legacy of excellence, shaping the future of Canadian aviation and inspiring generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.



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For more information, email or contact Susan at 780.686.6369