Historic Festival and Doors Open Edmonton

JULY 5-12, 2020

For more than 20 years, the Edmonton and District Historical Society has proudly presented the annual Historic Festival & Doors Open Edmonton. During the festival, we partner with community arts and heritage organizations and historic places throughout the Edmonton region for a solid week of fascinating events. Our festival theme for 2020 is “Transformation”.

1870 marked the purchase of Rupert’s Land (3.9 million square kilometers) to Canada, officially opening the prairies for mass settlement. This transformative event had huge implications on the people already living there, as well as the thousands who would flock to the prairies with promises of a better life. 

Transformation, of culture, society, or technology, has long been a theme in the history of what is now Edmonton and area. Successive waves of immigration, cycles of boom and bust, and the impact of events both at home and abroad have shaped this place we call home. 

Festival Partners

We’re always looking for new festival partners, and there is no cost to register! Behind the scenes tours, tasting events and community walks are just a few examples of offerings in past years. Submissions do not necessarily need to be historic in nature, but they should be designed to enlighten and entertain your guests. Deadline for partner registration is March 15, 2020.

2020 Festival Partner Registration form

Festival Guidebooks

Festival guidebooks are available in various public places across the Edmonton region from mid-June. For an idea of what kinds of offerings have been included in the past, please see the 2019 festival guide below.

For more information, email or call 780-439-2797