President’s Message – January 2019

For those who recently attended the Chapter Christmas party, thank you, and hope you enjoyed the evening, notably the presentation about Alberta and the First World War by Stephane Guevremont. A most engaging speaker, he covered a wide range of issues relative to the Alberta home front during this period of time, many dealing with people and subjects one does not immediately associate with the war and its aftermath.

Sharon Morin’s presentation in October about the Metis peoples of the greater Edmonton region was attended by more 100 individuals – a remarkable turn out. Sharon’s presentation, included personal reflections and experiences, growing up the daughter of Thelma Chalifoux, prominent Metis community leader and member of the Canadian Senate.

Looking forward, please note the date, Tuesday, January 22 – Jars Balan will be speaking about the founding of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada and the role it played in the lives of newcomers to this land. Hope to see many of you there.

I can report that our theme for the 2019 Festival is “leisure” and the dates are set for July 1-7; plans for the festival will be unveiled throughout the spring leading up to the event.

Letters have been submitted to the City of Edmonton and the Provincial government regarding the rather tenuous status of the Strathcona Garage building in Old Strathcona – 105 St and 80 Ave. Formerly home to the “Keg” restaurant, the building is not protected in any manner and is for sale. We will continue to monitor the situation and encourage both the City and the Province to take the necessary steps to ensure it remains a part of the fabric of the Old Strathcona neighbourhood.

We will be seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the EDHS board, including one person to take on the role of Secretary. Board positions are voluntary – no remuneration – and require anywhere from a couple to several hours of work per week, pending the responsibilities one takes on and the time of year. Having served the better part of four years as Vice-President and President, I can assure you the experience is most gratifying and well worth the time invested.

While we may be in the midst of Winter, it won’t be long before the amount of daylight per day begins to increase and the unmistakable song of the robin signals that warmer days are on their way.

Wishing you all the best for 2019, and as always, if you have a comment, concern or question don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll do our best to respond promptly.


Best regards,


Sean Moir, President, EDHS